UCLA EPSS volunteer demonstrates structures in a meteorite to a child attending EYU 2022.

EYU’s Triumphant 2022 Return

By Nika Eskandari

On November 6th, 2022, science enthusiasts of all ages converged in UCLA’s Court of Sciences for Exploring Your Universe (EYU), UCLA’s largest annual science fair. Held in person for the first time in two years, the event’s heavily anticipated return to campus–along with EPSS’ contributions–was a triumph.

UCLA EPSS’s diverse array of earth, planetary, and space science booths were heavily attended favorites. EFMP’s Stratigraphy in a Jar taught the basics of the formation and ordering of strata, or rock layers, using colored sand in a jar. SpinLab’s various water tank experiments demonstrated topics ranging from atmospheric flow to solar convection. UCLA’s first student-built satellite mission, ELFIN, joined forces with the space weather booth to create a room with fascinating depictions and explanations of space exploration and weather phenomena; prominent crowd-pleasers in this room included the various tesla balls and coils to elucidate the concept of plasma, and the full-scale ELFIN satellite model on display. Other EPSS booth subjects included earthquakes, meteorites, southern Californian rocks, oceanic studies, water erosion, and more.

With something for everyone, enthusiasm ran high for attendees and booth leaders alike, rendering the afternoon of hands-on scientific exploration and joy a smashing success!

EYU will return this fall: for more information on joining the fun, follow @exploringyouruniverse on Instagram and www.exploringyouruniverse.ucla.edu/ on the web. We look forward to seeing you at EYU 2023!

Photo Credits: Nika Eskandari